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Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem Features

Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem Features

Advanced Features:

Easily sends bulk numbers of text messages : Bulk text message software quickly sends mass text messages from PC using USB modems.

Advanced delay delivery option : Bulk message sender application uses advanced delay delivery option to control the load of bulk SMS broadcasting.

Inbuilt list wizard option : Mobile text messaging software provides inbuilt list wizard option to manage the list of contact numbers of groups.

Sends standard messages or notification: Bulk text message software allows user to send standard messages or notification.

Allows user to skip duplicate numbers entries : Bulk text messaging program provides facility to the users to skip duplicate number entries during the message sending procedure.

Major Benefits:

  • No internet connection is needed to broadcast bulk number of text messages via mass SMS sending software
  • Supports all Unicode languages to compose and send bulk messages in any text format.
  • Provides fast delivery of text messages to all networks world wide.
  • Helps you to promote your business products and increase sales.
  • Easy to use, effective and economical bulk text messaging software.